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guide to Helping our foodbank this Christmas

We know that many in our community are kindly considering helping us around Christmas time, so we thought we’d write a guide as to how you can best assist us in the festive season!  

During the festive season we normally receive an increased number of donations. This helps us in the upcoming year, as well as allowing us to provide extra to service users over the holidays.  

We are currently being helped massively by food donations from M&S, which means that there is currently no need for extra food basics. However, around Christmas time we appreciate being able to give our service users treats to go alongside basic food and toiletries. Suggested treats are: 

Boxes of biscuits,  


Nice toiletries.  

If you are looking to donate then it is most useful to us if we receive these donations in the first or second week of December (but the earlier, the better!). Our busiest week this year will begin on the 18th of December where we will distribute Christmas gifts to service users.  

Please note that we are not accepting toys. This is so that we can best utilise our space for food products to keep up with high demand. If you are looking to donate toys then charities such as Make Do and Grow: and Merry Go Round: accept these.  

If you are considering a monetary donation to St Gregory’s Food Bank then we are always grateful and this allows us to purchase products for our basic bags. There is a page on our website for electronic donations, and we accept in-person donations during our opening hours, Mon-Fri, 10:00-12:00.  

As always, thank-you if you are considering helping those most in need. If you have any questions then please contact us on 07988 083275 during our opening hours.  

With thanks,  

St Gregory’s Food Bank 

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